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Is now part of Venatõr Athletics!

Jerry-Rachel-Elite-FitnessWhether you’d like to lose 5, 50, or 100 lbs; build muscle; or prepare for your first triathlon, the staff at Elite Fitness can help you meet your goal!

Elite Fitness is a personal training studio which offers exercise and nutrition plans tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and with the exciting additions of our A.S.A.P. (Agility and Speed Accelerates Performance) program in 2009, our staff is better equipped than ever to help your bodies and minds reach their fullest potential!

Based on the widely held belief that lasting success can only be achieved and maintained through the combination of diet modifications and physical activity, 1:1 and group training as well as nutritional analysis and advice are offered at Elite Fitness as part of a comprehensive lifestyle management program. The professional training staff has designed numerous workouts to give each client exactly what he or she is looking for. From teens to seniors, high school athletes to professional athletes and everyone in between, we can help you! In order to meet our clients’ needs, cardio sessions, circuit training, and sports specific training programs are all offered at Elite Fitness. If time is an issue, the variety we offer enables us to be flexible in our scheduling in order to accommodate even the busiest of clients. Here at Elite Fitness we thrive on helping clients achieve life-changing results in a relaxed, supportive, and motivating environment. Check us out today!

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